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Artist Nancy Gable studied art in both the US and Mexico and her first passion is painting. Her work captures the moment in time - the emotion, the very life of her subject matter, whether it's a portrait, cityscape, landscape or commissioned work.
As an extension of her palette, Nancy began adding paper to her paintings and eventually to "found" objects like lamps, chairs and even sticks. Nancy has a kaleidoscopic view of the ordinary, and creates sculptural, colorful and unique pieces of art out of just about anything.
Artist Statement

I feel my art is a process - ever growing and ever changing as is life itself. For me, relationships and surroundings jump from life to canvas and from canvas to life, each influencing the other. This process opens my mind and eyes to new awareness. My work becomes a celebration of this spiritual journey.

_ Nancy Wallace Gable


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Architecture I Beach Scenes Places People / Babies Pets & Animals
Architecture II Boats I Functional Art I People / Children Still Life
Architecture III Boats II Functional Art II People / Groups Waterscapes I
Architecture IV Boats III Functional Art III People / Men & Music Waterscapes II
Architecture V Boats IV Functional Art IV People / Women I  
Architecture VI Landscapes Functional Art V People / Women II  
      People / Youth  
      People / Other  

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