Nancy Gable Gallery of "FUNCTIONAL Art

Unique Hand Painted Gift and other Items at Makin' Art...
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Left... Pictures, hats, bags, canes, glasses, table, etc.

Right... Chair, bench, lamp, pictures, etc.   


Above ... Nancy's

Right ... Nancy's Award Winning Still Life

About Nancy •  Painting -- Found Art -- Artist Statement -- Unique gifts, fabulous décor...
Architecture I Beach Scenes Places People / Babies Pets & Animals
Architecture II Boats I Functional Art I People / Children Still Life
Architecture III Boats II Functional Art II People / Groups Waterscapes I
Architecture IV Boats III Functional Art III People / Men & Music Waterscapes II
Architecture V Boats IV Functional Art IV People / Women I  
Architecture VI Landscapes Functional Art V People / Women II  
      People / Youth  
      People / Other  

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